Sandwich Platters

sandwich platter


Sandwiches, Sweets and Salad.

This package allows you to choose full and half sandwiches or wraps.  Mix and match tastes to meet the needs of your gathering.  When you’ve finished choosing sandwiches, move on to “Select Your Sweets“.  When you have finished selecting sweets, you will “Choose One Large Salad” to accompany the sandwiches and sweets (salad will be sized in accordance with the number of sandwiches selected)!  Fiber board plates, napkins, disposable knives and forks are included.


Full Sandwiches

Sandwich Wraps

Gluten Free Sandwiches

Half Sandwiches

When you have finished choosing your sandwiches, move on and …
Select Your Sweets
or if not having sweets
Choose One Large Salad





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